"Tantra (Sanskrit: तन्त्र) literally means "loom, warp, weave". Tantra is composed of two words, i.e. tan and tra which implies that through sadhana and pooja one can mould nature and God according to one's desires. In Hinduism, the tantra tradition is most often associated with its goddess tradition called Shaktism, followed by Shaivism and Vaishnavism. Tantra is a sadhana, a method, a technique or a path that is available in all religions. Tantras as genre of literature in Hinduism have been influential to its arts, icons and temple building practices. Hindu puja, temples and iconography are tantric in nature. Tantras are deeply associated with the mantras. Without mantras tantra cannot be successful. Both are practiced simultaneously to achieve success in tantra. Tantra is not a religion but is a sadhana, a shastra, consisting of religion's treatise compiled by Lord Shiva containing mystical formulae for the attainment of supernatural powers. Mantras are continually whispered by a tantrik while performing the rituals as they help to energize tantras for specific purposes. The words mantram, tantram and yantram are rooted linguistically and phonologically in ancient Indian traditions. Mantram denotes the chant, or "knowledge." Tantram denotes philosophy, or ritual actions. Yantram denotes the means by which a person is expected to lead their life."


"Tantra is a shastra which indicates ways to bring people and situations under one's control through sadhana. Sadhana shastra contains the various methods of sadhana which can be divided into 5 parts. 1. Pattal : This part details the importance, of jaap for desires, homa, mantra and homa articles for a particular Deva or Deity. Use of mantras if any are also indicated in this. 2. Paddati : The methods of sadhana indicated in this part, includes the methods of taking bath from morning to puja jaap mantra, their use and methods of sadhana for particular occassions. 3. Kawach : The method which we adopt to appease each devta through their names and pray for protection is known as kawach. It is a way through which siddhi of devtas is obtained. Kawach is used after japa. Talismans are made through it and clothes etc. can also be infused for use in tantra. 4. Sahastra Nam : It implies to thousand names. The verses contain thousand names of the devta for which pooja are performed. It indicates the various details of different deities,etc.Specific mantras for siddhi of these deities are detailed therein. 5. Stotra : They are the verses of pooja, prayer of deities. Also methods are indicated for use of mantra, method of making yantras, use of medicines, and other details have been provided in the stotras."

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